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Camera Skills 1

Introduction to Photography - getting to know your camera.

Lenses and cameras

This week aims to give you a full understanding of your camera, 

Camera Types - Advantages and Disadvantages

Lenses - Focal Lengths, Construction and how to choose a lens for your needs

Understanding Memory Cards

File formats - Jpg v RAW

Autofocus - AFS/AFC Subject Tracking


Exposure and White Balance

Exposure Modes - Auto / P / A / S /M

The exposure triangle

The 'F' Stop  - How it affects light and Depth of Field

White Balance and Colour Temperatures

Picture Profiles


Exposure and Metering Modes

Camera Metering Modes

Exposure compensation

Bracketing and High Dynamic Range (HDR)


Flash Basics

On and Off camera Flash

Remote Triggering 

Exposing for flash - Flash meters

Balancing natural light and flash


Composition and Aesthetics

Rule of Thirds

Dynamic Symmetry

Colour Palettes


Round Up and Awards

This is your final week and a chance to re-cap on all of the above topics that have been covered during your introductory course.

Let's Work Together

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