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Studio Portraits

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in working with Model - male and female.

Studio Lighting and Modifiers will be provided during the workshops but attendees will be required to bring their own equipment:

Recommended List 


DSLR or Mirrorless Equivalent

50mm or 85mm Portrait lens


Morning Session

This session will be an introduction to the equipment found in the studio

Studio Safety

Shooting Tethered

Flash triggers and Synchronisation

Modifiers and when to use them.

Shooting in styles 

High Key 

Low Key


Hollywood Lighting

Understanding lighting ratios


Afternoon Session

This will be the hands on part of the day shooting Models and lighting them using the knowledge gained in the first part of the day.

You will also need to work in teams as you would on a commercial studio directing your Models and assistants.

Course Time

This is an all day course 


9.30am - Meet and Greet

10.00am -  Morning Session


1pm - Lunch (Provided)


2pm - Afternoon Session


4.30pm - Recap

5pm - End of Session

Male Portrait
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